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At Reflexion Health, we care about people.
Our empathy for people guides our decisions and inspires us to work tirelessly to find ways that will enrich the relationship between the patient, clinician, and hospital.

We believe we will have the greatest impact by improving the process of care in rehabilitative medicine and lower extremity joint replacements.

Learn about our first project… Vera


Communication, Engagement, & Value Based Care

Lower extremity joint replacements can require long recovery periods and be costly for both the patient and the provider. As the shift to value based care continues, hospitals and clinicians will have to make care more efficient and effective by leveraging new technologies and adopting innovative care pathways. We’ve been focusing on 3 key areas:

  1. Developing virtual tools that promote
    communication between the patient and clinician
  2. Creating an engaging environment for patients to take control of their own healthcare while they recover at home
  3. Guiding hospitals with a blueprint that will help them provide excellent patient care, reduce excessive utilization, and successfully navigate through the rapidly changing healthcare environment

By focusing on these key areas, we’ve developed digital solutions that can decrease the burden of joint replacement recovery and enhance the experience for both the patient and clinician.


The Vera (Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant) system is a tele-rehabilitation platform that guides patients through their prescribed physical therapy and gives clinicians tools to remotely monitor their patients progress beyond the traditional in-clinic setting. Vera, our virtual coach leads patients through their prescribed home exercises by providing real time feedback and education while they exercise. Vera is able to do this by using the infrared and motion capturing capabilities of the Microsoft Kinect camera to count your repetitions and share your overall progress with your clinician.

Patient Engagement

Leverage Vera's motion capturing abilities to engage patients in their home exercises and deliver high quality care in an environment patients care most about- the home

Enhance Continuity

Use Vera's remote monitoring capability to keep clinicians connected throughout the entire episode of care and decrease hand offs with other providers

Clarity into post acute care

Use patient data gathered from Vera to gain insight into post acute utilization and make standardized protocols much more efficient

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  • "My experience with Vera has been very very excellent!"

    "Since I started using Vera, my legs have been more limber, I feel myself more flexible. And I walk even better."

    Leon - Vera Patient

  • "I've been using Vera for 2 months. I feel I've had a great benefit"

    "I can see the difference in my balance."

    Ann - Vera Patient

  • "It provides a level of engagement and accountability that will ultimately benefit them in the long run,"

    "It's really a great system for interaction between the patient so they are not just sitting there, doing a home exercise program by themselves."

    Drew Kayser - PT, Director of Rehabilitation, Brooks AmericaCare Home Health

  • "I just feel a lot more confident on my feet."

    "I like that I'm working my muscles, which is supposed to be very good for us as we get older. It's really enhanced my life"

    Joan - Vera Patient

  • "Patients who have used the Vera system tell us how easy it is to use and how fun it is to use,"

    "and really, how they don't want to give it up when their therapy program has come to an end."

    Michael Spigel - President and COO, Brooks Rehabilitation


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