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We create innovative and emerging technology solutions that bring the guidance of the physical therapist into the home and provide clinicians tools to remotely monitor patient progress beyond the traditional in-clinic setting.


VERA™, the Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant that
Fills the Gaps in the Care Continuum



Promotes Patient Adherence

Patients stay engaged and receive biometric-based feedback in real-time; daily and weekly progress updates help keep them more engaged and aware of their progress.


Enhances Care Coordination

Care teams gain insight into patient's progress throughout therapy; allowing them to remotely monitor and adjust therapy, review patient reported outcomes and generate EHR reports.


Reduce Post-Acute Care Costs

Patients can perform their therapy at home while being monitored by their clinician. They can communicate through the video visit & telehealth platform which greatly reduces post-acute care costs.


Increase Patient Satisfaction

Patients are delighted with our easy-to-use solution that enables them to receive on-demand therapy guidance conveniently at home in addition to saving them time, travel and money.


Patient Interface

The patient interface connects the patient to their clinician throughout their prescribed therapy. An avatar demonstrates and educates patients through their prescribed exercises and the camera detects 3D motion; providing real-time feedback to the patient to help improve their performance.

Daily and weekly progress updates and the easy-to-use interface help motivate patients through their recovery.

PatientApp (2).png

Clinician Interface

The web-based clinician interface is used to gain insight into a patient’s progress in the home throughout their recovery. Clinicians manage the patient care by selecting standardized protocols or creating custom plans from the library of exercises. It allows them to administer functional tests, assign and review patient reported outcomes, view videos, and track adherence and accuracy of patient’s exercises.

The clinician dashboard provides insight into total patient population and allows better management of patients needing hands-on care.



Providing Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Programs to Empower Seniors

The Stand Tall Fall Prevention Program is an interactive program specifically designed for seniors to use. The Stand Tall Program kiosks can be used in wellness centers, gyms,  or community settings.   Stand Tall is the digital translation of the internationally known and evidence-based Otago Exercise program, which has demonstrated significant improvements in the strength and mobility of seniors around the world.



  • Patients who have used the VERA system tell us how easy it is to use and how fun it is to use, and really, how they don't want to give it up when their therapy program has come to an end.
    Michael Spigel
    President and COO, Brooks Rehabilitation
  • It (VERA) provides a level of engagement and accountability that will ultimately benefit them in the long run.
    Drew Kayser
    Director of Rehabilitation, Brooks AmericaCare Home Health
  • VERA tells you if you are doing your exercises correctly as opposed to looking at a piece of paper and trying to figure out how to do them.
    Hip replacement patient
    Lorain, OH
  • It’s inconvenient and time consuming to drive to therapy sessions. And would prefer to stay home to do therapy. VERA makes this possible.
    Knee replacement patient
    Avon, OH
  • There is no co-pay or cost to me to do virtual PT and I feel I get more personalized care by doing it.
    Knee surgery patient
    Westlake, OH
  • VERA removes the boring, tedious time spent alone counting reps and she helps someone who is not so disciplined!
    Left hip Fx patient
    Brooks Rehab, Jacksonville, FL
  • My experience with VERA has been very very excellent! Since I started using VERA, my legs have been more limber, I feel myself more flexible. And I walk even better.
    Leon, Stand Tall Participant
    Gary & Mary West Senior Center
  • I’ve been using VERA for a little over two months. And my experience has been very positive. My balance is very good and I have a lot more confidence.
    Kevin, Stand Tall Participant
    Gary & Mary West Senior Center
  • The experience has been a good one. I was much more aware of the change in my strength and my balance. I really like the visuals. It kept me focused and the feedback from (VERA) picking up my positions was really helpful.
    Ron, Stand Tall Participant
    Gary & Mary West Senior Center
  • I've been using VERA for 2 months. I feel I've had a great benefit. I can see the difference in my balance.
    Ann, Stand Tall Participant
    Gary & Mary West Senior Center
  • I just feel a lot more confident on my feet. I like that I'm working my muscles, which is supposed to be very good for us as we get older. It's really enhanced my life. Every week there seems to be something different. And I look forward to that.
    Joan, Stand Tall Participant
    Gary & Mary West Senior Center
  • I respect what this program does and now I have even more respect for the work of physical therapy (and physical therapists).
    Ruth, Stand Tall Participant
    Fearrington Village, NC
  • I like being pushed and challenged with new exercises and VERA did that.
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Elyria, OH
  • I live alone and I don’t have a ride to come to therapy and would prefer to stay at home to do therapy.
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Sandusky, OH
  • I believe I made a quicker recovery because of the system in my home and it reminded me to do the exercises every time I walked by it.
    Hip Replacement Patient
    Cleveland, OH
  • I was surprised how personalized the system is because I received therapy in the clinic on my other knee and I was concerned I would receive less attention than I did before.
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Rocky River, OH
  • I am a nursing student and received the Virtual PT (VERA) at home following my surgery and I had such a great experience with the system that I did a presentation in my nursing class explaining how much I benefited from it.
    Hip Replacement Patient
    Fort Recovery, OH
  • It was great and I would do it again when I have the other knee done.
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Sheffield Lake, OH
  • I would not have exercised as much after my knee replacement surgery if it was not for the system. . . . With VERA I do the exercises 2x per day 7 days per week.
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Cleveland, OH
  • I did the exercises because I wanted the therapist scores to be good!
    Knee Replacement Patient
    Lorain, OH

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