The VERA Solution


VERA™, our FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant, is a digital therapy platform that brings the guidance of a physical therapist into the home and gives clinicians tools to remotely monitor patient progress beyond the traditional in-clinic setting. 



Early experience with our virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant in lower extremity joint replacement surgery demonstrates impressive results.


Patient Adherence


Total Rehab Length (days)


Post-Surgical Visits

*VERA visit utilization and historical data from pilot site in Lorain, OH, October 2016

How it Works

Virtual Exercise Coach

VERA is an animated avatar who guides patients through their prescribed exercises that were designed with the guidance of a physical therapist.  VERA coaches patients through their prescribed exercises, by counting repetitions, providing exercise education and delivering real-time feedback to help motivate patients throughout recovery.

Motion-Tracking Technology

The camera uses 3D motion technology that tracks twenty-two joints on the body to reconstruct the patient's skeletal position in space and assess  joint angles. The captured data runs against constraints and provides real-time feedback to patients on their exercise quality.

Clinician Portal

The clinician application empowers care teams to gain insight into a patient’s progress when they’re not in-clinic. Here, clinicians have the ability to administer functional assessments, review patient reported outcomes, track in-home exercise adherence, choose from standardized protocols, or create custom plans from an exercise library. They can also generate reports to upload to EHRs and view videos of patients performing their exercises.

Telehealth Video Visits

Patients and clinicians can utilize the HIPAA-compliant telehealth service included in the VERA platform that enables scheduled face-to-face video conferencing throughout the therapy regimen.  This feature, along with data enables a clinician to triage which patients require hands-on attention.


Benefits with VERA™


For the Patient

  • Convenient rehab provides on-demand therapy sessions that minimize travel, costs, and time

  • Real-time feedback helps patients stay engaged while at home

  • Patients and clinicians stay connected throughout recovery


For the Clinician

  • Collect functional outcome data from patients even while they are at home

  • Receive auto-generated reports for documentation based off live patient data

  • Improve patient outcomes and replace the paper handout with more effective home exercise programs


For the Health System

  • Maximize bundle payment success by transitioning care to lower cost settings

  • Shift post-acute care to the home and increase patient satisfaction

  • Help prevent readmissions through effective remote monitoring


Empowering seniors with virtual delivery of clinically
proven fall prevention programs.


Stand Tall uses the VERA system in combination with the Otago Exercise Program to deliver evidence-based fall prevention programs that reduce the risk of falling in older adults. The Otago Exercise program, which is proven to reduce falls by 35% in high risk older adults, is delivered through the VERA system. It provides a convenient and accessible treatment program for older adults.


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