Empowering seniors with virtual delivery of clinically proven fall prevention programs.

Stand Tall uses the VERA System in combination with the Otago Exercise Program to deliver evidence-based fall prevention programs that reduce the risk of falling in older adults. The Otago Exercise program, which is proven to reduce falls by 35% in high risk older adults, delivered by the VERA System, provides a convenient and accessible treatment program for older adults. The Stand Tall program is designed for use in senior living, wellness, and community settings.



The Stand Tall Kiosk provides an evidence-based fall risk management solution.

The kiosk is designed for independent use in a gym or community space. Sessions are designed to be tailored to the senior’s abilities and schedule and provide the optimal dose and intensity of exercises.


Appeals to a wide
range of seniors

The easy to use system appeals to seniors with all types of technology skill and can be used independently by seniors with mild cognitive impairment.

Validated Fall Prevention &
Wellness Program

A virtual translation of an evidence-based fall prevention program that is guaranteed to deliver the most effective dose of exercises.

Broad dissemination at a fraction of the cost

There is no special training required for clinicians. One staff member can monitor hundreds of patients versus only a few.

Promotes Independence & Accountability

Seniors master the technology and the exercises simultaneously, resulting in high engagement and satisfaction rates.



Empowering Seniors to Manage Fall Risk

Communities that provide Stand Tall offer their residents an opportunity to manage their fall risk and learn a new technology. Stand Tall is most appropriate for communities that have staff available to orient new users and monitor current users and space available for users to access Stand Tall on a regular basis. Communities should be willing to commit time and resources to create a sustainable plan to integrate Stand Tall
into their program offerings.