We provide virtual at-home and onsite physical therapy.

An engaging avatar, 3D motion-capture technology, and telehealth visits make recovery convenient for patients, insightful for clinicians, and cost-effective for payors.



VERA - a Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant -
supports, coaches and empowers patients as they
heal. The patient-facing system:

• Prepares and educates patients for surgery
• Records exercise performance
• Measures 26 joints and limbs in motion, 30 times per second
• Provides audio-visual feedback
• Enables telehealth visits with clinicians

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A patient management system that informs, guides and empowers clinicians to care for their patients. The clinician-facing system is used to:

• Monitor patient adherence
• Create personalized therapy plans
• Administer functional tests
• Generate reports


VERA as a Service

Partnering with Digital Home Therapy, the VERA experience includes
oversight by licensed physical therapists.

“One of the nice things about this is that Reflexion Health offers their own therapists or will come in and train the physical therapists from your own facility to monitor this.”
Frank Aluisio, MD, EmergeOrtho and Valere Bundled Solutions