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2018 in Review: A Year of Milestones for VERA & Reflexion Health

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From a series of exciting new partnerships spanning the United States to a pair of high-profile clinical studies validating the effectiveness of our groundbreaking, FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA™), 2018 was a banner year for Reflexion Health. As this event-packed year finally draws to a close, please join us in taking a look back at some of the most exciting and momentous of 2018’s many milestones!

January: New Partnerships from Coast to Coast

In January, we made a pair of major announcements about the expansion of our groundbreaking virtual care services on both coasts of the United States: A partnership with non-profit Los Angeles Jewish Home to offer our “Stand Tall” Fall Prevention Program to seniors in its residence facilities, as well as a new alliance with North Carolina’s Greensboro Orthopaedics, who implemented VERA as a means “to deliver consistent, high-quality post-operative care” to its patients, in the words of orthopedic surgeon Frank Aluisio, MD.

How We’re Empowering Non-Profit Senior Rehab Programs

February: Bringing Telerehab to the Nation’s Largest Not-for-Profit Healthcare Group

Just a few weeks later, we announced another exciting partnership with Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY), the largest not-for-profit home- and community-based health care organization in the United States! “We’re excited to partner with Reflexion Health to bring this new, innovative platform to patients and caregivers who deserve more convenient, compassionate care,” said VNSNY Executive Vice President Lester Schindel.

Reflexion/VNSNY Partnership: A Look at the Big Picture

March: A New Version of VERA & a Groundbreaking Clinical Study

March was even more action packed, as a study published in The Journal of Knee Surgery found that the use of our VERA telerehab platform “encouraged clinician-patient interaction beyond the hospital setting and offers the advantage of cost savings, convenience, at-home monitoring, and coordination of care, all of which are geared to improve adherence and overall patient satisfaction.” And just a few weeks earlier, we’d unveiled a new and improved version of VERA that leverages “patient-specific data and user feedback to offer an entirely fresh, engaging, convenient, efficient, and effective experience for patients and treating clinicians.”

Also in March: Dr. Frank Aluisio Discusses Benefits of VERA

April: Extensive Media Coverage, New Insights from Dr. Joe Smith

The coverage of the Journal of Knee Surgery study made waves throughout the business and healthcare media the following month, with Fortune concluding that the VERA brand of virtual physical therapy “may be more effective and cheaper than the old-school variety.” Also in April, our President and CEO Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith penned an article for Forbes on the potential of digital healthcare to “dramatically transform” healthcare delivery.

May: Engineering Expertise: A Peek Behind the Curtain

In May, our amazing engineering team took center stage with an insider’s look at how they tackle some of the most pressing challenges of developing a high-end, world-class telerehab system. Using a method of combining workflows that has “reshaped the way we approach and tackle the challenges of development … reflects positively not just on our own efficiency and capacity for operational success, but that of our clients, as well,” writes Lead Software Engineer David Torres.

June: Dr. Smith & Dr. Aluisio Talk to Modern Healthcare about the Power of Telerehab

The following month, Dr. Smith met with leading industry news source Modern Healthcare to discuss the potential of virtual physical therapy to “improve adherence to rehab programs and increase patient satisfaction.” Also in on the conversation was Greensboro’s Dr. Frank Aluisio, who praised VERA’s power to boost patient compliance, saying “they felt accountable because they knew someone was watching, and that made them do the exercises more.”

July: Another Exciting Partnership!

2018 was truly a groundbreaking year for Reflexion Health, as the list of providers choosing to utilize our FDA-cleared (and now clinically proven) VERA telerehab platform grew by leaps in bounds. In July, our footprint in North Carolina expanded as Delta Joint Management chose to utilize VERA as part of its commercial bundled payments model in an effort to optimize post-acute care. A physician-run group, Delta sees in VERA the potential to “improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and increase value to the healthcare system” with technology that’s “intuitive, smart and patient-friendly.”

Also in July: Xconomy Examines Our Role as Virtual PT Pioneer

August: Reflexion Health Enters Employer Market

And just a month later, we hit another milestone with the announcement of our entry into the emploiyer market via a strategic partnership with BevCap Management LLC, a program manager for captive insurance companies with a diverse roster of clients across the United States. “The onboarding of Reflexion’s VERA platform and clinical services network is an important addition to BevCap’s benefits package,” said BevCap’s Lee Anne Klas. “All of our clients in 17 states will benefit from the availability of VERA through this new and improved employee benefits package, and we are confident that this addition will be a tremendous asset to their employees.”

Also in August: How We Animate VERA

September: New Insight into VERA’s Bundled Payments Potential

In September, mHealthIntelligence spoke to our CEO Dr. Joe Smith and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stephen Lucey about the potential of VERA to help orthopedic practices seize the power of commercial bundled payments — a potential that was highlighted earlier in the year via partnerships with Greensboro Orthopaedics and Delta Joint Management, who use our telerehab platform for that express purpose. With VERA, Dr. Lucey explained, “I’m actively managing my patients (outside the doctor’s office). I’m regaining that control over their care.”

October: Effectiveness of VERA Validated by Major Clinical Trial

October may have been our biggest month among a year chock full of them, with the announcement that the long-awaited results of the VERITAS study found that VERA is “as effective as traditional physical therapy” when it comes to delivering rehabilitation for patients recovering from total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. Independently conducted by the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), the VERITAS study was also the first large-scale randomized controlled clinical trial comparing virtual to traditional PT delivery.

November: Making the List of San Diego’s Top Workplaces for the 2nd Straight Year

The next month, we were proud to announce that we once again ranked among San Diego’s Top Workplaces, marking our second consecutive showing on this prestigious list. The selection is the result of a months-long process involving seven key areas, including “organizational health factors that measure how well employees are working together toward a common cause.”

Career Opportunities from Reflexion Health

December: ISO Medical Device Quality Certification Achieved

We concluded a year packed with milestones with the announcement that we’d received International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 13485:2016 certification for medical device quality management systems for our VERA platform. Awarded by an independent, non-governmental international organization, ISO 13485:2016 “is an internationally agreed standard that sets out the requirements for a quality management system specific to the medical devices industry.”

Here’s to 2019! What Will the Future Bring?

If 2018 was any indication, 2019 holds even more promise for not only the expansion of VERA across the U.S., but also for the ongoing realization among healthcare providers that our unique brand of virtual care truly has the potential to improve outcomes and efficiencies in post-acute care. Don’t miss any of the great news — follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook for a direct line to the latest news about VERA and virtual physical therapy, as it breaks.

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