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Reflexion CEO Talks Personal Milestones, Clinical Validation & the Future of Healthcare Tech on Outcomes Rocket

By March 19, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

On a recent edition of Outcomes Rocket Podcast, host Saul Marquez spoke with Dr. Joe Smith, President and CEO of Reflexion Health, about a wide variety of topics concerning not just the future of healthcare delivery at large but also the personal and professional milestones that have brought Dr. Smith to the forefront of the #healthtech revolution.

“We’ve got to focus on using appropriate technology, for which we should be grateful — there’s a lot available — to lower the overall cost of healthcare delivery,” Dr. Smith said. “instead of focusing on process, or focusing on volume, which we tend to do, or focusing on making hospitals better, I think we’ve got to focus on making care better, and focus really on outcomes.

“We talk about patient-centered healthcare and yet we ask people to come to hospitals,” he added. “That looks more like doctor-centered healthcare to me.”

And yet, smartly applied healthcare technology benefits doctors and clinicians as much as patients, Dr. Smith explained.

“Clinicians get to observe kind of an unprecedented amount of information,” he said, discussing how our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) telerehab technology “images the patient, it does skeletal reconstruction and estimates joint angles and limb velocities at 30 times a second, and runs that up against algorithms for the appropriate ways they should be moving … to document for the clinicians just what’s going on.”

“These things are becoming more real,” said Marquez. “This is the future today, folks. Whether you’re practicing physical therapy — don’t be the taxicabs of yesterday! Or if you’re a provider, thinking through what you could do to get lean and make your customers happier — definitely intriguing work here by Joe and his team; and so take this seriously.”

The entire conversation covers a lot more ground, going into detail about future plans for Reflexion Health and the mission behind the company’s goal to expand into new areas of therapy, along with pursuit of further clinical validation in support of those goals. You can listen to it in full here.

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