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Disciplined and Motivated:’ Recovering from a Double Hip Replacement with VERA

By March 5, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

At the core of Reflexion Health is the mission to fuse technical innovation with medical expertise to deliver high-quality, patient-focused care. Through our FDA-cleared, clinically proven Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®), we provide post-operative hip replacement patients the option to recover in the comfort of their own home. By eliminating the problems associated with traditional physical therapy — finding rides, dealing with wait times and copays — Reflexion Health delivers quality care that focuses on the patient experience!

We recently sat down with Becky, who used VERA to recover from a double hip replacement surgery, to hear about her experience through recovery.

‘It Was Very Simple, Very Stress Free’

Becky told us that, to fully recover from a double hip replacement, the amount of care provided was as important as the quality. “My insurance was only going to allow three to five visits,” she said, “whereas VERA would give me as many visits as it took to recover!”

Combining medical care with technological innovation is no simple task, but Reflexion Health and our clinical partner Digital Home Therapy [DHT], which provides direct oversight and guidance from a licensed physical therapist, work tirelessly to provide the technical and clinical support required to ensure smooth patient recovery. Becky told us that, although she’s not “computer savvy,” she had no trouble getting started with VERA. “It got shipped to my house and I followed the setup instructions. From there, it just worked!”

This ability to focus on her recovery without having to worry about technical difficulties made a “big difference” to Becky. “When it was time to get started,” she told us, “it was easy to check in daily and do my exercises. When I had my weekly meeting with [lead physical therapist] Marc, we were able to discuss my recovery — how I was progressing from what he saw — and what exercises we could do moving forward.”

‘It Kept Me Confident’

The 20-minute daily therapy sessions, along with weekly teletherapy meetings, created an atmosphere where Becky felt like she was in control of her recovery. “It kept me confident,” she told us. “My meetings helped me understand the process so I could ask my doctor the right questions, which was a big help.”

Key to providing this confidence are patient adherence and clinical oversight — the need for accountability and correction — which are built into the VERA rehabilitation process. “It gives you guidance and encouragement throughout the process,” Becky said about using VERA, “which keeps you engaged and keeps you going.”

‘In the End, it Made all the Difference’

Becky wanted us to know that recovery doesn’t happen magically, however, and that it requires constant attention and self-determination to get to where you need to be. “You have to be disciplined and motivated to use the system … you have to be on top of it daily, but it does work.”

“Even if I came home late,” she beamed proudly, “I would get the exercises done and out of the way. In the end, it made all the difference.”

Are you or a loved one scheduled to undergo hip or knee surgery? Interested in learning how our easy-to-use virtual PT service can enable recovery from the comfort of home? Click here for more details, or ask your surgeon or care team about VERA today!

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