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Dr. Joe Smith Examines How Digital Health Fosters Patient Adherence for Forbes

By August 2, 2019 October 9th, 2019 No Comments

Writing at Forbes, where he’s a long-standing member of the Forbes Technology Council, Reflexion Health President and CEO Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith explores how the growing utilization of digital healthcare is helping to drive patient adherence — an essential component of successful care that, he argues, “we so poorly manage and infrequently measure” as a healthcare industry.

“But now, the emerging tools of digital health care,” he writes, “allow for continuous measuring and monitoring of health care behaviors and persistent, context-specific messaging that can serve to educate, nudge or otherwise help to coerce a subject (patient or clinician) to perform (or discontinue) a specific activity. Finally, there will be both measurement and management of the linchpin of health care — adherence.”

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