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Dr. Joe Smith Explains the Importance of ‘Proof of Value’ for Digital Healthcare Startups

By October 18, 2018 November 21st, 2019 No Comments
Dr. Joe Smith Explains the Importance of ‘Proof of Value’ for Digital Healthcare Startups

On the heels of the announcement that the long-awaited VERITAS study has yielded positive results showing that our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) virtual PT platform enables “a substantial reduction in post-acute costs and rehospitalizations while being as effective as traditional physical therapy,” Reflexion Health President and CEO Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith has penned an article for STAT News describing the need for digital healthcare startups to commission such clinical trials.

“One of the big promises of digital health is the speed with which it can transform health care delivery,” Dr. Smith writes in the article. “But the full impact of digital health innovation is seen only with broad adoption of truly valuable solutions, and that rightfully requires evidence.”

Dr. Smith goes on to outline “the best way to gather that evidence” — i.e., via a “carefully conducted, prospective, randomized controlled trial.” He also describes in detail the challenges that digital healthcare startups face in achieving this important goal.

“Digital health companies must not shrink from demanding proof of value,” he concludes. “But we must also innovate the process of developing and disseminating such proof if we are to realize the full value of digital health.”

You can read Dr. Smith’s article here, and  learn more about VERITAS here and VERA here. For info on how to leverage Reflexion Health’s award-winning digital therapy products and services for the benefit of your organization, please contact us here.