Dr. Joe Smith on How FDA Regulations & CMS Reimbursement Are Evolving for Remote Care

By February 6, 2018 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

In part 2 of his digital health trends and predictions for 2018, MobiHealthNews’ Jonah Comstock once again turns to Reflexion Health CEO Dr. Joe Smith for some insider insight into what the future is likely to hold for remote care — specifically, the role of evolving FDA regulations, and reimbursements by Medicare and Medicaid.

How can the FDA effectively regulate telehealth software “that’s constantly improving, constantly being iterated and is developed with a mindset that’s minimum viable product, get it out there, improve, improve, improve?” he asks. “If one of those improvements backfires and it harms someone, that’s terrible. So how do we balance a fast, agile development world with a slow, careful, considered FDA process?”

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