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Dr. Joe Smith Discusses ‘Why Health Isn’t Digital’ at Forbes

By April 30, 2018 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

In his latest article for Forbes, our President and CEO Dr. Joe Smith explains how “digital health” may not make much sense when taken literally, but how “digital health care” is a concept that’s so important it poses the potential to “dramatically transform health care delivery” as we know it.


A member of the 2018 Forbes Technology Council, Dr Smith writes about “moving health care from its hyper-variable, uber-expensive, frustratingly confusing, geographically maldistributed and error-prone present to a democratized, decentralized and learning-oriented future.”

He’s also quick to add that, if that conclusion “sounds like hyperbole,” that there are at least five key areas in which “digital health care is uniquely qualified to solve some of the most pressing issues revolving around care delivery.”

To check out Dr. Smith’s list of those five key factors, read the full Forbes article here