Employee Spotlight

Tobyy Olaoye

Becoming an industry-leading digital healthcare company takes a great product (we have that- take a look at our virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant VERA) and an even BETTER team. Check out our conversation with Product Tester & IT Support Toby Olaoye and see why Reflexion Health is a tech start-up you'll want to explore.

Hi Toby!  It's nice to meet you.  Why did you decide to join Reflexion Health?  

It's a great story.  I ran into one of the company's lead software engineers at a career workshop back in October of 2014 and I was fascinated by the potential of transforming traditional medicine with technology.  So, after a few minutes chatting about Reflexion Health's virtual solution VERA,I was invited to interview for a QA position.  I was hooked- especially after meeting the team and seeing that I could make a difference from day one. I then joined Reflexion Health as a QA intern and worked my way up to Product Tester & IT Support in less than a year.


Ok, so what exactly does a Product Tester/IT Support do at Reflexion Health?
Every day is different because Reflexion Health is growing quickly and we're constantly innovating.  I've been able to take on some really exciting projects like debugging features of our software prior to release and assisting with various IT tasks.  


It's Sunday night - what motivates you to get excited about a new work week?
The number one reason why I am happy coming to work everyday is the people I work with. They are so talented and I feel like everyday is a learning experience for me.  It's also a really fun environment.  We have free snacks and drinks, a collaborative work space and a great location in downtown San Diego.


You're obviously making a big difference at Reflexion Health.  But, one of the benefits Reflexion Health is known for is its work/life balance.  What do you do when you're not at work?
I have grad school on the side (#MBA #TimeManagement) so I study or do homework during most of my free time.  When I am not studying, I spend time with loved ones, I bike and I enjoy landscape photography.


Thanks Toby!  Last question, would you recommend Reflexion Health to others seeking employment?
Definitely!  I love transforming traditional medicine with technology and I'm excited to expand the team with some great talent so we can have an even bigger impact. 

To learn more about Reflexion Health, including our open positions, please visit http://reflexionhealth.com/careers or follow us on Twitter @ReflexionHealth.