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Fierce Healthcare Champions PT for Pain Management, Points to VERITAS Results Showing Efficacy of Virtual PT

By May 1, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments
Fierce Healthcare: Use of VERA for TKR Patients ‘Could Significantly Reduce Postsurgical Costs’

In a recent article positing that physical therapy is underutilized as a tool to offset the nation’s dependence on “opioid-centered” pain management, Fierce Healthcare points to a recent study showing how our virtual PT tool “could significantly reduce postsurgical costs.”

Per the report, one “fundamental question” underlying the nation’s opioid crisis “still remains only partially answered. As healthcare providers move away from the opioid-centered, pharmacological approach to pain management, what treatment alternatives remain to properly treat the chronic and acute pain of American patients?”

The article then goes on to champion the use of physical therapy as a substitute to the more traditional and entrenched pharmacological-based methods that are prevalent today. And in so doing, it cites the recent VERITAS study, which found that our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) service had the potential to save providers and payors thousands of dollars per patients in post-surgery costs, while maintaining the safety and effectiveness of post-acute PT.

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