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Forbes Consults Reflexion Health CEO on Building a Mobile Business App

By November 29, 2019 No Comments
Forbes Consults Reflexion Health CEO on Building a Mobile Business App

Forbes recently consulted Reflexion Health President and CEO Dr. Joe Smith in an article exploring what should be considered before developing a mobile business app.

The advice of Dr. Smith — who is also a member of the Forbes Technology Council — appeared as the lead information in a series of tips urging leaders to consider not only the how but the way of creating a mobile business app. The article begins by explaining that the first step is “to first make sure [the app is] really needed,” and that the business has a solid plan for how it will be used.

“As mobile usage continues to grow, some companies may come to think that having a mobile app is expected and necessary,” the article explains. “However, building an app without a clear strategy ‘just to have one’ is not a recipe for success. If anything, it’s investing money in a plan that doesn’t have a proper endgame.”

“It’s all about the ‘why,'” Dr. Smith agrees. “The ability to make an app isn’t an imperative to do so.”

Dr. Smith goes on to explain the need for a mobile business app to meet “a legitimate need for the user,” in addition to having a strong business case for its existence. Businesses should also be able to prove that the app is “sufficiently engaging to the user to actually meet the need,” he adds.

The article goes on to include advice from other leaders about additional aspects of mobile business app development, including careful consideration of the benefit it offers customers, how to approach the UI/UX design, and more. You can read the entire article here, and find more information about Reflexion Health’s award-winning mHealth products and services here. To learn how our products can help benefit your organization, please contact us here.