Ready to work on challenging projects that make a difference?

As a Reflexion Health intern, your hard work will directly impact real patients and caregivers. Our paid, full-time or part-time internships are three to nine months long. We also offer a flexible schedule if you're in school.

Arisson Tampoc

Arisson Tampoc

Morgan Seeley

Morgan Seeley
Sales & Marketing


Application Process

We’re looking for interns with all types of educational backgrounds. Computer literacy is a must and experience with the Kinect (or other sensors) is a big plus! Mostly, we're interested in people who are passionate about changing healthcare. We accept applications from high school graduates, undergraduate and graduate level students.

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My favorite part about being a Software Engineering Intern with Reflexion Health was being tasked with important responsibilities. I felt instantly like I was part of a team who valued my skill and input.
— Brian Tai, Former Software Engineering Intern turned full-time Software Engineer