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‘I Can’t Think of a Better Result:’ Knee Replacement Patient Shares His VERA Telerehab Story

By February 7, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

At Reflexion Health, patients are at the heart of what we do. Though our FDA-cleared and clinically proven Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) has been shown to both cut costs and boost the business potential for post-acute care providers, it’s the power to help people recover comfortably from surgery and injury that really motivates our team of hard-working clinical and tech professionals.

With that in mind, the feedback we receive from patients is particularly important to us. We love speaking to people who have used VERA to successfully tackle rehab from the comfort of their own homes, and hearing about how this groundbreaking virtual PT service has helped them get back to living the life they want.

And we’re proud to say that the feedback from those patients is overwhelmingly positive, with patients consistently telling us that VERA has helped them move safely and comfortably through an important and potentially challenging stage in their lives.

“VERA is an outstanding program if you are motivated to recover,” as Jerry, a knee replacement patient, recently told us about his experience using our virtual PT system to recover from surgery. “I can’t think of a better result.”

‘It Was Important that It Was on My Schedule’

Jerry told us that his favorite aspect of using VERA to recover from surgery at home was the power to do so on his own schedule. “I could do it early in the morning or at night instead of a set time at the clinic,” he said. “Since I’m a sales guy and have to be out of the office and have a lot to do, it was important that it was on my schedule.”

And a big part of making that level of convenience possible was the clinical oversight and guidance from the licensed physical therapist who worked with Jerry, overseeing his progress through each stage of recovery.

“He was awesome!” raved Jerry. “I spoke to him in a video chat every Friday and he provided constant feedback after viewing my sessions. He would tell me my progress report — what was great, or what I could do better. At the same time, he would switch out the exercises when I was capable of moving on. I got full, comprehensive feedback.”

Jerry’s entire experience speaks to the importance of this clinical feedback and oversight, which is designed to go hand-in-hand with the intuitive and easy-to-use virtual avatar that guides patients through their exercises in real time using sophisticated, Hollywood-grade 3D motion-capture technology.

Truly ‘Personalized Care’ & the ‘Encouragement You Need’ to Succeed

The net result is what Jerry describes as truly “personalized care,” with his therapist coach giving him important feedback every step of the way — that he’s “way ahead of schedule,” for instance, and “keep it up” — and “that’s the kind of encouragement you need,” he said.

“It was my impression that if you actually went to the physical therapist, they would push you to a certain level of pain that was tolerable to make sure you reached that full range of motion, or strength,” he told us. “I wasn’t sure if VERA would provide that. But once the program was explained to me thoroughly, it was clear that you didn’t have to experience a lot of pain to get the results you need.”

That gave Jerry the confidence to know he was always on the right track, making it easy to continue his exercises even during times when he wasn’t being actively monitored. “Even if I was travelling for work in my hotel room, or if the power went out during an ice storm, I could still do the exercises — and do them correctly,” he said.

“You’re going to do the exercises correctly, and you’re going to do it on your timeframe.”

If you’re scheduled to undergo hip or knee surgery and you’re interested in learning more about how our easy-to-use virtual PT service can help you recover from the comfort of your own home, ask your surgeon or care team about VERA today!

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