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OPEN MINDS: Virtual PT ‘Could Significantly Reduce Postsurgical Costs’

By December 4, 2018 September 25th, 2019 No Comments

OPEN MINDS, an information source focused on the business of health and human services, has published an article exploring the recent announcement of the highly anticipated VERITAS study results.

Conducted by the Duke Clinical Research Institute and formally known as “Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Therapy: A Research Study,” VERITAS has clinically demonstrated that virtual physical therapy as delivered by our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) is as safe and efficient as the traditional style, with the potential to offer major post-surgical cost savings, to boot.

“For total knee arthroplasty (TKA), virtual physical therapy resulted in 60.6% lower billable costs than traditional physical therapy in the 12 weeks following hospital discharge,” the OPEN MINDS report states. “Average billable costs for those using traditional physical therapy were $4,526.77; while average billable costs for those using virtual physical therapy were $1,781.96.” You can read the full article here (registration required).

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