Orthopedic Practices

Optimize your bundle without compromising care

We partner with orthopedic practices looking to optimize their business model by using CMS or commercial bundles to take control of post-acute care.

Cut costs, not care – with a concierge service

It might be tempting to reduce the number of visits your patients get in order to meet the challenge of the bundled target price. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

With Reflexion Health, you can enhance care, not reduce it – by offering patients a high-touch remote service that’s convenient and cost-effective.

More about VERA

Typical candidates for VERA include:

  • Bundle patients
  • Rural patients
  • Busy, working patients
  • Out-of-city patients
  • Anyone who wants it!

A groundbreaking randomized controlled trial by Duke Clinical Research Institute¹ proves that at-home, virtual physical therapy with VERA:

See what your colleagues have to say about VERA

Patient satisfaction levels — it was off the charts.

Dr. Aluisio
Greensboro Orthopaedics

For every orthopedic surgeon, there’s a role for VERA in their practice.

Dr. Sinha
Star Ortho

VERA gives me insight into a patient’s recovery even when the patient is one or two states away – increasing our potential footprint as a practice and our ability to help patients near and far.

Steve Lucey, MDDelta Joint Management & Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement

VERA works and is a proven technology for our total joint replacement program – and our patients love it.

Lee Rubin, MD, FAAOSChief of Total Joint Replacement Program, Yale New Haven Hospital

The road to success in bundled programs will always be paved with consistent hard work. Outwork your competitors; be creative. VERA allows us to trim costs without cutting care. Best of all, our patients love it.

Chris ZitoBundled Programs at EmergeOrtho

VERA has greatly impacted the success of our total joint programs. Our patients and our providers love it, not only for the positive outcomes, but also for the oversight. It’s an additional set of eyes and ears that we just don’t have with traditional therapy.

Jill Lauer, RN, CCMBundle Program Coordinator, EmergeOrtho

Take care of your care coordinators

With hundreds of calls to make each week, care coordinators play a critical role in helping prepare patients for what to expect before, during, and after surgery.

Our physical therapists can help ease their workload by helping to manage the post-acute phase for you.

Through telehealth visits, phone calls, and secured communications, we’ll stay in constant contact with you and your patients for every step of their recovery.

Why people love remote PT

love the convenience

Clinicians & providers
value the data

Care coordinators appreciate having our PTs help ease their workload

Patient Engagement

How it works

Stand out in a competitive environment

Remote PT is a patient-centered, data-driven, and value-based strategy to reduce costs and enhance the patient experience. Position your orthopedic service line as a center of excellence.

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  1. Bettger, Janet Prvu et al. VERITAS: Effect of Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation In-home Physical Therapy versus Traditional Care for Total Knee Arthroplasty. Poster presented at ACRM Annual Conference; 2018 Sept 30-Oct 3; Dallas TX.
  2. Chughtai, et al. The Role of Virtual Rehabilitation in Total and Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty. The Journal of Knee Surgery March 2018.