Recover in your space,

on your terms

VERA means more care, not less

VERA® is an FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (this is her on the left!) that coaches you through PT exercises in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll also have easy access to your physical therapist, who will remotely monitor your progress and regularly meet with you through face-to-face telehealth visits.

Recovering from surgery or injury can be stressful, but don’t worry. With VERA as your at-home physical therapist – along with oversight by a licensed physical therapist – you’ll have more support than you could ever imagine.

Why you’ll love VERA

No need to find rides to a PT clinic

You can do PT at home, whenever it’s convenient for you

You’ll save money on copays and gas

You don’t have to deal with weather, traffic, or parking

You’ll have more access to your therapist than you would in a clinic

How VERA works

What patients have to say about VERA


“Even if I came home late,” she beamed proudly, “I would get the exercises done and out of the way. In the end, it made all the difference.”

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“If you can turn on a TV set, you can use VERA, it’s that simple.”


“…being able to wake up early in the morning and get my exercises done on my own time made me feel like I was really in charge of my own recovery.”

View Tom’s Story


“It was great for me because I could do it when I felt it was a good time to do it,”

Say hi to HelloPT™, an online personalized exercise plan that gives you early access to PT, before your aches become a big pain.

Available on any device, all you have to do is answer a short assessment and you’ll get a step-by-step recovery plan. And through our partner Digital Home Therapy, you can easily connect with a licensed physical therapist via telehealth visits.

How HelloPT works

We make it easy


Imagine not having to get rides to a PT clinic, find parking, or deal with weather.


Stay connected to a physical therapist with face-to-face telehealth sessions.


Save on travel time, save on copays, and save on stress.