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Physicians from Delta and Reflexion Health Discuss Role of Virtual Care in Bundled Payments

By September 3, 2018 September 25th, 2019 No Comments

In a recent article about how telemedicine platforms can help physician groups better utilize the bundled payments model — while also retaining control over their practice — Delta Joint Management’s Dr. Stephen Lucey and our own Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith spoke to mHealthIntelligence about how our own Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) helps to fill this important role.

“Smith says payers often look at bundled payment plans as replicating the traditional, face-to-face model of care,” writes Eric Wicklund in the article. “In fact, a bundled plan that incorporates telehealth has the ability to go beyond the traditional model and introduce new services, including preventive health.”

“You’ve got to know the business,” adds Dr. Lucey. “First of all, the physician should be in charge because we’re the ones who care for the patient. And with telemedicine, I’m actively managing my patients (outside the doctor’s office). I’m regaining that control over their care, and I feel real comfortable when I know what they’re doing.”

“It’s not just about the technology,” he adds. “It’s about the care plan. If you can make it work for the patient, you’re going to be successful.”

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