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Reflexion Health Announces New Software Release for VERA

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Latest Release of VERA Advances Virtual Rehabilitation with Increased Clinical Efficiency and Improved Patient Experience

SAN DIEGO – [November 7, 2016] – Reflexion Health, a digital healthcare company dedicated to transforming traditional medicine, today announced general availability of the latest software release for its virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant, VERA®. Available immediately, this release enhances VERA by delivering increased clinical efficiency and improved patient experience during physical therapy.

Key innovations and enhancements in this new software version include:

  • Ability for clinicians to prescribe functional assessments like “Sit to Stand,” “Knee Extension” and various balance tests, as well as obtain objective measures of patient progress
  • Additional and customized clinical documentation and reports to ease the documentation burden faced by clinicians
  • Improved ability to capture patient-reported outcomes directly from patients at home with the launch of interactive functional surveys (e.g. WOMAC, HOOS Jr., and KOOS Jr.)
  • Introduction of a “My Progress” area that condenses data results screens for easy and fast review by patients to understand their progress

The VERA Solution is an FDA-cleared interactive software that uses motion-tracking technology to measure motion and remotely monitor the effectiveness of prescribed physical therapy in the comfort of patients’ homes. Launched in 2013, VERA brings the guidance of a virtual physical therapist into the home to coach and motivate patients through their recovery while providing clinicians with insight into how their patients are performing away from the clinic. Clinicians then have the ability to modify treatment programs based on these insights.

“We’re pleased that this VERA software release, with its focus on capturing clinical measures of progress, empowers clinicians and their patients with a robust set of new features to make rehabilitation more objective, and ultimately more effective,” said Martin Adler, executive vice president of strategy. “This release represents a significant advancement and is a result of Reflexion Health’s ongoing commitment to transforming traditional medicine and improving clinical outcomes with technology.”

To watch a demo of VERA, please visit: