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Reflexion Health CEO Weighs in on Behavior-Driven Product Development at Forbes

By August 13, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

Reflexion Health President and CEO Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith was recently called upon to weigh in on the benefits of behavior-driven product development at Forbes. Because technology “is only as good as its implementation,” explains the article’s introduction, “many businesses have turned to behavior-driven development” to ensure that the final product meets its original goals.

Dr. Smith, a longstanding member of the Forbes Technology Council, Technology, believes that type of behavior-focused development is best implemented alongside an increased focus on patient engagement. “Behavior-driven development is essential for our patient- and clinician-facing solutions, having us focus on engagement and ease of use as opposed to mere functionality,” he writes, referring to Reflexion Health’s award-winning virtual physical therapy solutions.

“My advice would be to do whatever it takes to get the users (for us, patients and clinicians) involved early in the product development,” he adds, “and don’t stop tweaking until they are delighted!”