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Reforming Healthcare with Technology: Forbes Publishes Article by Reflexion CEO

By February 8, 2018 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

Citing his “decades of strategic, engineering and clinical expertise” in “innovative digital medicine,” Forbes has published an article penned by our President and CEO, Dr. Joseph “Joe” Smith, on the topic of healthcare reform — and the role that technological innovation can (and should) play in that reform.

Acknowledging that the U.S. healthcare system is “the subject of a continuous contentious narrative,” Dr. Smith proceeds to run down a few major areas where that system sorely needs fresh ideas and innovation — and then explains how and why it’s currently falling short.

“Technological innovation can surely bring the same efficiencies to health care as it has to nearly every other sector of our economy,” he writes, “but it won’t unless the incentives align with this goal.

“We need new incentives, new payment models and new watchwords that go beyond simplistic, subjective and bureaucratic assertions,” he adds. “For each new solution, we should expect transparency to the full range of both clinical and economic risks and benefits.”

Read the full article here.