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Scientific American: VERA ‘Stands Out’ in Virtual Physical Therapy Market

By August 30, 2019 December 4th, 2019 No Comments
Scientific American: VERA ‘Stands Out’ in Virtual Physical Therapy Market

In a new article examining the power of PT to effectively treat the joint disorders and low back pain that “consistently rate among the most common reasons U.S. adults visit their doctors,” Scientific American takes a look at the ways in which some healthtech innovators are making therapy more accessible via virtual physical therapy technology.

“There are now a wide array of remote rehabilitation—or telerehab—options, ranging from high-tech, interactive systems to video-chat sessions with individual physical therapists to app-based programs,” writes Garnet Henderson in the article.  “On the high-tech end of the market, a product called VERA stands out.”

Briefly describing the technology behind our VERA virtual physical therapy platform, Henderson then goes on to describe some of the recent clinical trials that have validated the platform, such as the Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) study that found that, “in patients recovering from total knee-replacement surgery, VERA was just as effective as in-person therapy.”

He goes on to quote Dr. Mary O’Connor, director of the Center for Musculoskeletal Care at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Health, on the power of VERA to improve patient convenience, engagement and accountability.

“When someone is recovering from surgery, exercise is the most important thing when it comes to restoring them to full function,” Dr. O’Connor said. “When patients come to see me for a postoperative visit, they’re not going to tell me that they’re not doing their exercises, because they know that’s the wrong answer.”

Henderson goes on to describe more details from the DCRI and the Yale New Haven Health clinicians, as well as some of the other benefits offered by virtual PT; you can read the full article here. For details on how to leverage our award-winning digital therapy products and services for the benefit of your organization, please contact us here.