Employee Spotlight: Amanda V.

Becoming an industry-leading digital healthcare company takes a great product (we have that- take a look at our virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant VERA) and an even BETTER team. Check out our conversation with Product Designer Amanda V. and see why Reflexion Health is a tech start-up you’ll want to explore.

Why did you decide to join Reflexion Health and when did you join?

I joined Reflexion Health in November 2015. I was really interested in the company because it’s a combination of health and technology that I’ve never seen before. When I joined Reflexion, I had recently finished doing months of physical therapy that changed my life for the better. It was an important experience and I wanted to apply my design skills to a product and company that would help people and improve their lives. My background is in mobile and data-centric apps, so designing for the VERA virtual exercise rehabilitation assistant felt like a great match for me.

What do you do at Reflexion Health?

I design the user experience and visuals for the VERA solution. I work closely with the clinical and engineering teams to make sure we give our patients a smooth and enjoyable experience while they’re on their way to recovery. We spend a lot of time brainstorming and testing our new ideas with our target market to make data-driven design choices.

Why do you enjoy working here?

It’s refreshing to work on a product that’s aimed at improving someone’s life. It’s also great working with others that care about user experience and design. It’s definitely a challenge designing for our target demographic with so many clinical guidelines, but it’s one that makes our design decisions even stronger. Plus, you can’t beat being in downtown San Diego. The location of the office has a good, collaborative vibe.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

I spend a lot of time doing yoga, dancing, aerial arts, and hula hooping – I enjoy activities that include smooth flowing movement. The rest of my time is spent eating tasty food around San Diego and cuddling with my scruffy dog named Coffee.

Would you recommend Reflexion Health to others seeking employment?

Yes! We’re a good group of people working on some big things. The office is a great place to be, and having more minds to learn from and contribute would make it that much greater.

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