Employee Spotlight: Cole M.

Washington native Cole M. made a big move to sunny San Diego after interviewing with Reflexion Health in the summer of 2018. From bungee jumping to skydiving, Cole has no fear when it comes to jumping in and trying new things. Read about his journey here.

What do you do at Reflexion Health?
I’m a SDET IV, a software development engineer who oversees automation so we can speed up the process of software testing.

How long have you been with Reflexion Health? Tell us about how you joined the team.
I joined at the end of August 2018, so I’m coming up on a year already.

It’s going by so fast — and I’m still loving it! And true to the nature of a health tech company, my interview was over Skype. So my first experience of the company and the people here was all digital, but I got a great vibe about the place.

What’s your favorite part about working in downtown San Diego?
I came to San Diego for the first time about three years ago, and quickly fell in love with it. The weather here is fantastic. The people are fantastic. I’m originally from a small border town in Washington State, so I went from one border to the next.

What made you want to work for a health tech company?
I’ve worked for a number of big companies and a number of small companies, and I’ve always been more drawn to the smaller companies because you get to do a lot different things.

What makes this a unique place to work

I’ve never seen a product quite like ours. Coming from a town that was sort of like a retirement community, and having worked in real estate, I’ve worked a lot with older people, so I saw the benefit of being able to help people do PT in their homes. In my hometown, the nearest hospital or rehab place was at least a 30- or 45-minute drive away.

And I think that’s the future of digital products, especially as my generation gets older — we’ll likely expect technology to provide the kind of services that we’re innovating here at Reflexion Health.

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