Employee Spotlight: So H.

Becoming an industry-leading digital healthcare company takes a great product and an even BETTER team. Check out our conversation with Clinical Specialist & Producer So H. and see why Reflexion Health is a tech start-up you’ll want to explore.

Why did you decide to join Reflexion Health and when did you join?

Anang Chokshi, now our Chief Clinical Officer and someone I’ve known and respected for more than 10 years, approached me about a career change with a pioneering digital healthcare company called Reflexion Health. It was perfect timing because I was starting to feel the “need for change” itch at my previous, field-based job and I was looking to do more. I did some research and really liked what I discovered about Reflexion Health.

Reflexion Health’s potential and its ability to help treat, as well as positively impact a wide demographic of patients, are the reasons that excited me to want to join the company. During my interview, the question that the team asked still resonates with me, “….why do you want to leave traditional healthcare and work for Reflexion Health?” Working with VERA®, our signature solution, I am afforded the opportunity to positively impact thousands of more patients than I would working in a traditional setting. I’m challenged by the work I do on a daily basis. and overall, the seemingly limitless potential of the product itself is exciting.

What do you do at Reflexion Health?

I am a Clinical Specialist and Producer: two things that don’t necessarily go together. I basically use my clinical background, expertise and skill set to generate clinical content for VERA.

I help to manage, complete, and streamline the exercise asset generation pipeline for this lower extremity product. I’m currently working on our lower back and shoulder library, in addition to creating patient-facing educational material for the next version of VERA. I work closely with Product/Design and Engineering and recently, I’ve been excited to become more involved with Product/Design creating education content for patients, performing usability testing, and helping to design and validate user flows for the next generation of the product.

Why do you enjoy working here?

Being around this many intelligent people is stimulating and motivating. There are also so many mentoring opportunities here. Having been in traditional healthcare for so long, things can get a bit stagnant. Continuing education courses are always the same material. At Reflexion Health, I still get to use the knowledge I’ve learned and acquired over the years but in a different and more challenging arena.

What do you do when you’re not at work?

Eat… I like trying out new restaurants. Farmers Markets on the weekends. Spontaneous “rambles” (road trips or other adventures to random new places, usually involves a craft brewery or two). Occasionally binge watch something on Netflix.

Would you recommend Reflexion Health to others seeking employment?

Absolutely. Start-up life is definitely different and challenging. It’s pretty awesome that we are all working our buns off to not only ensure that our solutions are successful (in more ways than one) BUT also, our end goal is to make healthcare better and save our patients money. We are all a group of really smart people who sincerely want to help people. Plus, there are lots of snacks.

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