Introducing The Stand Tall Fall Prevention Program

The Stand Tall Fall Prevention Program is powered by an avatar named VERA,  an FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant that partners with seniors to improve strength and mobility.


Appeals to a wide
range of seniors

The easy-to-use program appeals to seniors with varying technology skills as well as those with mild cognitive impairment.

Validated Fall Prevention &
Wellness Program

A digital translation of an evidence-based fall prevention program that delivers the optimal dose of exercises for 30 minutes, 2-3 days/week.

Manage Patients Centrally & Conveniently

There’s no special training required for clinicians. One staff member can monitor multiple participants, as VERA provides audio-visual feedback to help them improve their form.

Promotes Independence & Accountability

Seniors find the program easy to navigate and enjoyable. Participants stay engaged in their prescribed program, and report improvements with daily activities.



Senior Communities Reducing Risk

Communities that provide Stand Tall to their residents see significant improvement in functional measures including:  Timed up and go (TUG), Tandem Stance and Single Leg Balance - these measures also translate to a significant decrease in risk of falling.  In addition, the residents of the communities that offer Stand Tall report increased ease and improvements with activities of daily living, such as getting up from chair, climbing stairs and playing with grandchildren.