Tom's Story

“The Best Option For My Situation”

Prior to his surgery, Tom’s physician introduced him to VERA as a safe, convenient and effective alternative to in-clinic therapy. That’s all he needed to hear: “My wife and I were having a hard time figuring out how to get to my physical therapy appointments,” he told us. “I jumped at the chance to recover in my own home.”

Finding a ride wasn’t the only qualm Tom had about his previous experiences in physical therapy. “When you’re in the clinic, even if you’re being helped, (the therapist) is still looking after two or three other patients,” he says. Unfortunately, this is the norm in many PT settings. But by bringing PT into the home, VERA introduces a new system — one that utilizes technology for the benefit of physician and patient alike.

With VERA, post-surgical physical therapy takes place in the comfort of your living room. But that doesn’t mean you’re alone in your recovery: With our advanced exercise-tracking technology and clinical support system, you’re constantly receiving audio-visual feedback to keep you confident and on-track with your therapy.

On top of receiving daily exercises, Tom also enjoyed the benefit of once-weekly teletherapy sessions where he and his therapist could have personal, direct discussions about his progress.

Our lead physical therapist Marc “was very accessible, knowledgeable, and friendly,” says Tom. “He would even call me on days when we didn’t even have meetings and check in with me.” Tom says it was the “little adjustments” that Marc offered in those brief meetings that ultimately made a “big difference” in his path to recovery.

Tom says Marc helped him understand that the key to effective therapy is doing your exercises daily and, most importantly, correctly. “If you’re not doing the exercises correctly,” Tom says, “you might as well not be doing them at all.”

‘It worked great for me –— give it a shot!’

In the end, Tom credits his successful recovery to VERA’s exercise tracking, the clinical support provided by his therapist, and the power to do his exercises during the times that were most convenient for him. “Knowing that my physical therapist was watching me do my daily exercises kept me honest and confident,” he told us, “and being able to wake up early in the morning and get my exercises done on my own time made me feel like I was really in charge of my own recovery.”

And to anyone considering using VERA to recover, Tom has this to say: “If you think you can stay disciplined and keep up with your recovery, give it a shot!”

Are you or a loved one scheduled to undergo hip or knee surgery? Interested in learning how our easy-to-use virtual PT service can enable recovery from the comfort of home? Click here for more details, or ask your surgeon or care team about VERA today!