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VERA & Bundle Pricing Changing Orthopedic Landscape, Reports North Carolina’s Triad Business Journal

By February 4, 2019 August 26th, 2019 No Comments

North Carolina’s Triad Business Journal recently explored the changes to the state’s “orthopedic landscape” taking place thanks to the introduction of our own Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) telerehab tool and its compatibility with the new bundled payments model.

“The advent of technology like VERA is allowing physicians and health care systems to more rapidly employ value-based care and bundle payment models, shifting away from the antiquated fee-for-service payment models long bemoaned by patients and providers alike,” writes John Joyce in the article.

Joyce goes on to speak to Dr. Stephen Lucey of Greensboro’s Delta Joint Management Sports Medicine and Joint Replacement about how using VERA in conjunction with the bundled payments model is offering the ability to cut knee replacement surgery costs by as much as 30 percent. Patient acceptance of the VERA model has also been remarkable, Dr. Lucey adds.

“I have patients where I did their first knee conventional and second knee (using) VERA, and they way preferred VERA,” he says. “Because they didn’t have to go anywhere; they can do it right there in their home.”

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