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Video Testimonials: Patients, PTs & Physicians Tell Their #TrueVERAStories

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The word is out: VERA®, our FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant, is transforming the process of post-surgical rehab, showing an increasingly documented “savings in time, steps, and money for patients, providers, and payers,” according to a 2018 study.

It isn’t just researchers singing VERA’s praises. We regularly check in with some of the folks who use our virtual physical therapy platform, from the patients recovering from knee or hip surgery to the doctors, PTs and administrators who have seized its potential to maximize their operational efficiencies and expand their business models.

But don’t just take our word for it! Read on to see (or hear) what these people have to say, in their own words. And if you have any #TrueVERAStories of your own to share, we’d love to hear them! Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Physician Review: Pleasantly Surprised by the Power of Virtual PT

When first faced with the prospect of using our virtual PT services to help his patients recover from orthopedic surgery, Dr. Frank Aluisio of Orthopedic Surgeon, Greensboro Orthopaedics was skeptical. “One of my biggest concerns with this, was that the patients would have difficulty getting range of motion,” he told us. “Much to my surprise — and pleasant surprise — they were coming back with full extension much earlier than they were with the standardized therapy.” Watch the full video here.

VERA® and Patient Satisfaction: ‘It Was Off the Charts’

In the words of orthopedic surgeon Dr. Frank Aluisio, patient satisfaction with VERA®, our FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant, is “off the charts.” Dr. Aluisio’s patients “really enjoyed the technology, and they were very enthusiastic about doing it, and came back with results equivalent or better than with standard physical therapy.” Watch it here.

Dr. Frank Aluisio Discusses Reflexion Health’s ‘PT Navigator’

Dr. Aluisio also talks about some of the other benefits of partnering with Reflexion Health for joint surgery telerehabilitation services. “One of the nice things about this,” he says, “is Reflexion Health offers their own therapists, or will come in and train the physical therapists from your own facility to monitor [the program].” Watch more here.

Physician Testimonial: The Power of Data in Virtual Care

In this video, Yale New Haven Health’s Dr. Mary O’Conner discusses the potential unlocked by digital care therapies like VERA: “This technology allows us, because it is so data driven … to have better appreciation of the progress of each patient,” she told us. “And that — that’s powerful.” Watch the video here.

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Scoring the ‘Triple Win’ with Telerehabilitation and Virtual Physical Therapy

What do you get when you add up the many benefits offered by our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®)? “I call it the ‘triple win,'” says Dr. Mary O’Conner. “It’s better for the physician, it’s better for the patient — most importantly. And it’s also better for the payor.” Watch the full video.

‘An Interactive Therapy Session with Your Virtual Therapist’

What sets our VERA telerehabilitation platform apart from the rest? The secret is interactivity, which is available via our specially designed app. “Having an app that has a video library is absolutely not the same experience as an interactive therapy session with your virtual therapist,” Dr. O’Conner explains in a brief video. Watch it here.

‘If You Can Turn on a TV Set, You Can Use VERA.’

“If you can turn on a TV set, you can use VERA. It’s that simple.” In this brief video, Ellen Highkin, who used our Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant (VERA®) to recover after knee surgery, talks about the ease and convenience of at-home care. “By using VERA, I didn’t have to really depend on anybody all the time. Is my house straightened up? It just made life much easier and a lot more relaxing.” Watch Ellen’s video here.

The Telerehab Experience, from a Physical Therapist’s Perspective

Far from being a rival to physical therapists, an effective telerehabilitation program is an asset — “an added tool in our toolbox that can help with the treatment of a patient,” as Yale New Haven Health’s Joe Martucci, a PT who uses VERA, puts it. “I think the virtual visits are probably the biggest benefit for them where hearing that they don’t have to maybe come and see a therapist as often, but still get the benefit of the exercise.” Watch the full video here.

Physical Therapist Testimonial: Why PTs Love Working with VERA

Tara Messina, Physical Therapist for Yale New Haven Health, uses our VERA system to help her patients rehabilitate at home. “I’m very proud to be utilizing the VERA system, because we’re holding our patients accountable for an exercise program that they normally probably wouldn’t be doing on their own,” she told us. “You can question them a little more and hold them a little more accountable.” Watch the video here.

Check out more videos about telerehab and digital healthcare at the Reflexion Health YouTube page.

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