MobiHealthNews Talks to Dr. Joe Smith about VERA Upgrades

Following up on the exciting news of the arrival of the next generation of VERA™, our FDA-cleared Virtual Exercise Rehabilitation Assistant, MobiHealthNews' Dave Muoio spoke to our President and CEO, Dr. Joseph "Joe" Smith, who offered a few more details on what patients and clinicians can expect from this latest iteration of VERAHome and VERAClinic. 

“[The system] used to be about 35 pounds, and it was wheeled in and we had to install it,” Dr. Smith told Muoio. “We’ve really taken a fair look at that and shrunk it down. It’s now about 15 pounds.

“[Clinicians] had some feedback for us about how to make it so that the things that are most important show up first,” he added. “They can have one-button click to review the parts of a patient’s exercise program where they might have a challenge, so they can see if they’re having discomfort doing those exercises.”

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