Brooks Rehab

Reflexion Health Expands Stand Tall Program with Open House at Brooks Rehabilitation

According to the CDC, over 2.8 million older adults are treated in emergency rooms annually for fall-related injuries. With 20 to 30 percent of those individuals suffering severe injuries, it's more important than ever to help prevent falls. Brooks Rehabilitation, an expert in providing medical rehabilitation services, understands this critical need and is leading the way by expanding its "Stand Tall" fall prevention program.

Our Customer Partner: Brooks Rehabilitation on Vera

In partnership with Reflexion Health, Brooks Rehabilitation is leveraging Microsoft™ technology to improve the patient experience after a knee or hip replacement. The Microsoft Kinect™-based physical therapy program monitors patients as they perform their rehabilitation exercises at home. Vera™, Reflexion Health’s customized software platform, incorporates Microsoft’s motion-tracking technology to provide patients with an interactive way to complete their home exercise program.